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MonkeyTailz Doll Clothing & Accessories!
Fun Doll Clothing & Accessories for Ball Jointed Dolls & Other Dolls, too! Dresses, Ensembles, Stockings, Purses & More!

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31 Minerva's Web
19 858
The adventures of the exiled Faerie Princess of the Kingdom of Arachnia and the mortal minion, uh, changeling, er, human that she befriends upon her arrival in the mortal realm. (She and her friends are bjds but you could never actually convince any of t
32 Genwaku
17 519

My personal BJD site, with galleries and more of my dolls.
12 10559

DollHeart, Monique Wigs, Bobobie BJDs, & our own line of BJDs (Pixiez & Little Miss), wigs, shoes & more! We specialize in WIGZ & tiny accessories!
34 Mostly One Of A Kind
9 772

One of a Kind designs for 1/2 and 1/4 bjd dolls, doll recreation, antique doll recreation, jewelry, scarves, and artwork.
35 Amazing Bible
9 478

A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies, doctrine, news, prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, tools, and tracts. Features the Chronological 4 Gospels, Pr
36 Dazzling Treasures Webshop
9 739
We are a BJD webshop with reasonable prices for buying your lovely BJD Dolls, BJD Clothes, Shoes, Wigs and a lot of accessoires for the BJD Dolls
37 Strawberry Gardens
6 1537
A Special By-Invite ONLY BJD Community on MSN Groups! The ONLY BJD Community on MSN Groups!
38 Tjassi || Resin wonderland
5 320

A personal bjd blog where I post photos of my dolls and babble about my characters.
39 Marlène Bisson visual artist photographer
4 141

Marlene Bisson is a visual artist photographer, with the doll as "object" main, seen in three indissociable facets: the playful, the erotic, the strange.
40 Jakzjewelz
4 737

bjd dolls, mohair and human hair wigs preorder
41 KohanaChild
4 1153

Forum for all BJD types.
42 4 Our BJDs
4 1853
A website for BJDs to interact with each other. This group is not for doll owners, but rather for our dolls!
43 buriedinoblivion
3 641

Unique handmade artist ball jointed dolls.
44 bjd by anna kucherenko
3 181

Unique art BJD from porcelain and resin of very limited edition, bright, strong images, amazing accessories and top-high quality.
45 Seeing it Creative
3 562
A fun BJD blog with dollie news, photo's and tutorials!!
46 BJD Contests
2 1760
An LJ community where you could win free stuff for your BJDs or even the occassional free doll! New contest eevry month! Join for the fun!
2 380 - Ball-Jointed Dolls on Russian! Tutorials, tips & reviews.
48 SugarDoll Shop
1 505
small dolly sweets shop and eye candy for dolls! Hope you have a sweet tooth and enjoy looking around :) featuring MSD + SD + Blythe dolls fashion
1 385
Online buy bjd dolls, bjd dolls wholesalers, is gonna to be your best pick!
50 JauneYero
1 313
My store is handmade by me. I made sure the quality control can give the best quality to my customers. I shipped overseas with reasonable shipping cost.
51 Doll Factory
1 1648

Ball Jointed doll and Pet Doll
This site is our official site.
52 BJDCommunity
1 1150
Forum about all kinds of Ball Jointed Dolls. Artist + Company Ball Jointed Dolls. Also about Face-Ups and Fashion for BJDs.
53 Royale Magique
1 1112
This is the story of two young members of the Royal court in France, young Charmin & Colette both sister.
54 Venus
1 2161
FM-ANIME is one of the famous cosplay brand in Hong Kong, Tai Wan, China and Overseas. We have our own factory and offered kinds of high-quality Cosplay / Doll Accessories, costumes, wigs and shoes.
55 Peakswoods
1 7262

This site BJD maker Peakswoods official Web site.
56 Spampy Stuff
1 767

Tiny clothes for tiny bjd's.
57 bigbom
1 743
Are you looking for best quality BJD dress made by artisian's skill?? cheerydoll present best quality, beautiful BJD dress for you and your dolls.
1 1048
A few questions per day for our dolls to answer as they would if being asked these questions in their individual characters.

59 Karen Vander Logt Artdolls
1 652
New Resin LE BJD dolls SD size, MSD size, OOAK BJD's, Santa dolls, LE Santa dolls, OOAK Santa's.
Handmade clothing using no patterns, Original designs, BJD Fairy Tale Theme dolls, All types or Santa's
0 844

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