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Mint on Card, Inc.

Angel Fantasy
Doll Chateau
Doll Leaves
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61 Alice's Collections
0 3466

BJD Outfits, Wigs, Eyes, Shoes and so on.
Doll Family, Illusion Spirit, Ring Doll, Dragon Doll, Dika Doll.
0 833

[Total Online BJD SHOP]We are japanese dealer for more than 40 companies regarding BJD.Worldwide shipping&
Large choice!
63 BJD娃娃鞋子深蓝鞋子
0 474
64 cocoriang
0 19

We are doing our best to make the most individual and cute doll.
Many dolls are ready to complete your cute fantasy.
65 *rRabit Shop*
0 1756

*rRabit*is the shop for varies and a lot of type BJD's cloth, shoes, wig, accessories ect.~
For mainly size in 1/3(SD13/10), 1/4 (MSD), YOSD (1/6)
66 Magnificent Miniatures
0 2478
Doll denim jeans in all size dolls, specalizing in tiny dolls. Knit patterns, crochet patterns and unique one of a kind hand knits for your dolls. Some dresses and rompers as well as footed sleepers
67 oobie doll
0 869
Oobie doll carries limited edition and quality BJD items. I specialize in Mohair wigs and BJD make up. We also carry items for your Blythe Dolls!
68 - Omerta -
0 2666

A popular russian forum dedicated to all kinds of BJD dolls.
69 migidoll
0 1358

they have the most prettiest dolls ever the big size dolls are called SD.
70 Nine9 Style
0 4184

Nine9 Style
Ball jointed doll BJD clothes,Boy, girl, bag, accessory, jewelry 70cm (SD17),60cm(SD13),40cm( MSD),24cm(USD) ,(Yosd) size
71 Dollsvogue
0 406
Affordable BJD Clothing, Wigs, Eyes, Accessories! Most items under $20.00, many items under $10.00!
0 970
Free shipping BJD dolls and doll supplies, dollhouse miniatures, Customize All Sizes Background Cloth, Customize BJD doll clothing. Shop now!
73 Jackie's Dolls
0 312
Come share your dolls collection - I would love to see and hear about your dolls..
74 Manus Doll Shop
0 1050

We are a German BJD Shop
We sell Dolls, clothes, wigs, shoes and accessories.

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