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Minerva's Web
The adventures of the exiled Faerie Princess of the Kingdom of Arachnia and the mortal minion, uh, changeling, er, human that she befriends upon her arrival in the mortal realm. (She and her friends are bjds but you could never actually convince any of t

Rank Site In Out
61 cocoriang
0 11
COCORIANG is lovely and cute bjd selling site!
Enjoy Cutest dolls!!
62 Magnificent Miniatures
0 2475
Doll denim jeans in all size dolls, specalizing in tiny dolls. Knit patterns, crochet patterns and unique one of a kind hand knits for your dolls. Some dresses and rompers as well as footed sleepers
63 *rRabit Shop*
0 1724

*rRabit*is the shop for varies and a lot of type BJD's cloth, shoes, wig, accessories ect.~
For mainly size in 1/3(SD13/10), 1/4 (MSD), YOSD (1/6)
64 migidoll
0 1335

they have the most prettiest dolls ever the big size dolls are called SD.
65 Retro Dolls US
0 489

A friendly online store for doll hair and customizing supplies!
66 Alice's Collections
0 3447

BJD Outfits, Wigs, Eyes, Shoes and so on.
Doll Family, Illusion Spirit, Ring Doll, Dragon Doll, Dika Doll.
67 BJD娃娃鞋子深蓝鞋子
0 467
68 oobie doll
0 861
Oobie doll carries limited edition and quality BJD items. I specialize in Mohair wigs and BJD make up. We also carry items for your Blythe Dolls!
69 Nine9 Style
0 4156

Nine9 Style
Ball jointed doll BJD clothes,Boy, girl, bag, accessory, jewelry 70cm (SD17),60cm(SD13),40cm( MSD),24cm(USD) ,(Yosd) size
70 Manus Doll Shop
0 1030

We are a German BJD Shop
We sell Dolls, clothes, wigs, shoes and accessories.
0 953
Free shipping BJD dolls and doll supplies, dollhouse miniatures, Customize All Sizes Background Cloth, Customize BJD doll clothing. Shop now!
72 - Omerta -
0 2657

A popular russian forum dedicated to all kinds of BJD dolls.
73 Jackie's Dolls
0 305
Come share your dolls collection - I would love to see and hear about your dolls..
74 Dollsvogue
0 384
Affordable BJD Clothing, Wigs, Eyes, Accessories! Most items under $20.00, many items under $10.00!
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